2019 in retrospect and where I’m taking my blog in 2020


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Where I’m taking my blog in 2020

It is the end of another year already and as you and I enter into 2020, new goals and ideas come into mind for the new year.

Let me first start by thanking you for always being here, reading and sharing my posts. You are my hero.

I started the blog six months ago without really knowing where it was heading. I’m still figuring that out.

where I'm taking the blog in 2020

After my first post which sort of introduced me and what you should expect (Read the post here). I shifted towards more on fitness which I was and still passionate about.

Some of my earlier fitness posts that you would love are

One thing that I realized after these posts was that, I am really passionate about sickle cell and living well as a warrior.

I wanted to reach out to more people so I switched into writing posts on chronic illness which I enjoyed writing and I saw that you loved it because of your comments and messages. Keep em coming.

So, enough of 2019. Let’s talk the future,

where I'm taking the blog in 2020

Where I’m taking the blog in 2020

I think it is time to start monetizing in a big way. Definitely going to do that but I haven’t figured which of the numerous ways I want to use here.

You probably thought I forgot about the becoming a blog section where I show you how to blog. No, I didn’t.

I only put it on hold as I want to focus and grow my readers for now although I might be sending you tips on my newsletter.

If you want that, just reply YES under this post right now.

Here are some of the new things, you should expect on my blog in 2020.

  • Supporting business owners that living with chronic illness

It is tough to run a business with a chronic illness whether sickle cell disorder or any other. If you have a business, I am looking forward to supporting you in any way (when the time comes).

  • Share more of my thoughts

If you haven’t read why I started my blog. I suggest you read now.

Now that I am still at home, I will be sharing more of what I read, things I learnt and my beliefs.

Of course, everything else continues and I am excited about 2020. All you have to do is stick around, let’s have fun together.


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