What a book taught me about disability


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Only people new to my blog would not know about my sickle cell status. I do not hide the fact that I was born with it and I consider sickle cell a disability.

Whether your disability is invisible or visible, we are in this community together and all we’ve got is each other so let’s support one and another.

In the spirit of support, I will share some things I learnt about disability from reading a book. Yes, a book.

Disability is one word that has been associated with lots of negativity by the society. Whether it is invisible or not. People don’t see others with disability as someone who can grow to become successful in life.

Fortunately, some people living with disability has shown the world that they are more than their disability and that it is just a physical disability.

One of those people is Nick Vujicic.

Nicholas Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich) is an Australian born without arms and legs.

I do not think there is any greater physical disability than that and you would expect such a man to end up on the street homeless perhaps begging before he can feed himself.

Do you even think such a man can have a family?

Well, Nick does not only live the life many able men cannot live, he has also provided that his wife and four children.

Nick is not just a motivational speaker today but he is also the author of Life without limits.

In his book life without limits, he narrated what it was like growing up as a teenager, trying to belong in a world that was alien to him.

He wrote about how his parents felt when they first saw him, the reaction of his mother and how both his mother and father moved from being despondent about their son’s disability to giving him the best.

Life without limits is a book of hope and lots of positivity was sprinkled throughout the chapters.

what a book taught me about disability

Here are some things the book taught me about disability.

1. That for every disability, there is something to compliment it

Don’t ever think your disability is all there is to you. I have learnt that for every disability that I have, there is always something I can do better that compliments that disability.

God has given everyone a talent or skill that the person next to him does not have. Despite your disability there is something you can do better than others.

2. There is always hope lurking around

The book is one full of hopeful messages, it reminded me that it is not over until I or God says it is over. You have the power to create your future no matter what your past or present looks like.

With the help of his parents, Nick was able to hold on to his faith that hope is still alive and now he is living the life many people with arms and legs only dream of living.

I urge you to be hopeful.

3. God has a reason for putting you here

The book taught me that as long as you are still breathing, then God is not done with you. There is a reason you are still alive.

Nick believes that he was born without arm and leg to show people that no matter their present situation, there are still better days. He uses his voice to preach the word of hope and faith and also the word of God.

In a chapter in the book, Nick wrote about the day he saw a child just like him, without arms or legs. He described the day as very emotional.

I believe that one of the reasons God didn’t kill Nick (Nick once attempted suicide) was to meet this little boy and his parents.

4. No one is perfect

He titled one of the chapters in the book love the perfectly imperfect you. We live in a world where perfect has been defined to us by models in magazines, on our television and even on our streets.

Everyone wants to look a certain way before they feel accepted. The pressure for young adults and teenagers to belong seem to be universal and that seem to be one of the reasons depression and suicide rate has increased among young adults.

Nick explained what in his book how he felt growing up in such world and I understood that perfect does not exist. We all just have to accept our imperfections.

5. The only limits available are the ones we impose on ourselves

Let me give you tell you that Nick is someone that does not believe there is anything he cannot do. Here are some things you won’t believe he does.

Nick is an avid swimmer, yes someone without arms or legs, he swims brilliantly. He surfs, he cooks, and he plays musical instruments.

Need I say more? There is no limit to what you can achieve expect that you place on yourself.

Watch Nick’s interview


6. Helping people eases our burden

In a chapter of the book, Nick wrote one of the best ways I’ve found for holding on even when our prayers are not answered is to reach out to others”

Reaching out to ease someone else’s suffering does not only help the person feel better, it also helps ease our own burden and make us feel better about ourselves.

It is a lesson that I hope never to forget as long as I am on this earth.



Life without limit is not just a book, it is a book for everyone whether you have disability or not. The best part is that the book has stories of other people that has broken the stigma of disability and are living a life of purpose.

I always say that you are human before your illness therefore you should live rather than survive. I am not saying you will have it easy but if you believe and keep going, you will meet your goal.

If you haven’t read the book, get it on amazon.

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  1. You make my day with a new vision and ideas.Its true we need to accept our self and reality.Am also living with a sickle cell.
    May God heal our soul.

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