5 weight gain mistakes beginners make and how to fix them


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Weight gain mistakes beginners make are common and normal.

Maybe you are like me and have tried many times to gain weight but haven’t really seen the result, then this is for us. LOL.

After finding out that I weighed 52 kg at 22 years with a height of 6ft (underweight). I told myself I should really gain some weight. (I need over 2000 daily calories intake, you can calculate yours here).

Recently, I realized some of my mistakes as a beginner in weight gain and I have compiled five weight gain mistakes beginners make.

To help you, I also decided to add how you can fix them.

Weight gain mistakes beginners make and how to fix them

1. Feeding on anything

For someone looking to gain weight, the goal is to get as much calories and food into your system but the mistake you might be making is eating anything.

Feeding on anything is dangerous, some foods are unhealthy and you cannot gain weight eating them. the proper way to feed as someone that is looking to gain weight is by eating huge proportion of proteins.

Aim for more good carbs mixed with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy carbs include rice, oats, yam, potato and a lot more.

2. Skipping meal

Oh, I’m guilty of this.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with eating perhaps you are a student like me or you are just busy and don’t have time for food.

Skipping a meal is the worst harm you can do to yourself if you want to gain weight. When you skip a meal, your body goes into survival mode to burn fat and muscle in your body and begins to crave food.

When you crave food, your energy level drops, you get fatigued and get low on protein.

Skipping meal is bad. Real bad.

3. Avoiding exercise

Exercise is important, it keeps you active and when you finally get that fat, you aren’t scared of being obese.

Exercise will help you gain weight in the right areas of your body and give a well-toned body.

Don’t avoid exercise.

4. Inconsistency

You might call me the king of inconsistency. Don’t worry I won’t lose my nerves.

Success only comes with consistency, no one is an overnight success. It is tough though. But even if we do everything correct as regards weight gain with consistency, nothing is going change.

5. Inadequate rest

Stress is bad, rest is important. When you are not having adequate rest, your body begins to expend stored energy and burns out fat.

Make sure you get enough rest, avoid anything that stresses you and take your sleeping hours serious.


Let’s face it, we are all bound to make mistakes. Weight gain mistakes you make as a beginner should not make you stop going for your weight gain goal.

Keep feeding on high calorie foods and snacks.

I hope to stay consistent now and I want you to as well. Together we will smash our weight gain goal. *wink*.

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This is five weight gain mistakes beginners make and how they can fix them

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