January 27, 2020

The beginning

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Before the beginning, have you checked my about page?

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, and similarly the journey of a great blog begins with a post.

Why I started this blog

Sickle cell disorder is a medical condition inherited from birth from both parents, it is when both parents have the sickle cell traits (As) or when one has the sickle cell and the other has the trait. People living with sickle cell experiences pain of various levels and in different ways.

Having sickle cell disorder is not just about the physical pain, it breaks one down emotionally too. So, people living with sickle cell might feel like it is over and want to give up on dreams and life in general. I was once there although not for long because I was able to stay with a positive mind.

I started this blog because I hope to inspire someone not only people living with sickle cell but also people living other invisible illnesses that tries to bring them down, and everyone who cares to be inspired as well.

What to expect?

Here’s what to expect on the blog.

As a writer especially fiction, I try to use my writings to inspire and tell stories that are relatable so expect stories and beautiful writings and don’t forget to always drop your thoughts under them and of course share. Also, I firmly believe that anything is possible, anything including working out as a sickle cell warrior. I always wanted to model even until now so I needed more muscles, then I started researching online for sickle cell warriors that workout and have muscles. Fortunately, I found couple of people.

If they can do it, I believe I can too. So, you should expect some fitness discussion although very few as I am a beginner and I plan to build my muscles at home so there isn’t much to post.

Expect fashion and travel too.

So, shall we begin? Head to the next post here.

Stay in touch, grow with me, connect with me via mail abayomitheblog@gmail.com or my social media platforms.





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