January 27, 2020

Ten work from home jobs that are best for you

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Have you ever thought of work and imagined a yourself seated in a cubicle or dressed in a suit and tie everyday or sit in a spacious office with a large table filled with files and desktop? Then you need a rethink. The work-space is gradually taking a new form with the work from home culture.

In a country like Nigeria where finding and keeping a job as someone living with sickle cell disorder is as a huge challenge, I have consistently heard of people living with sickle cell disorder being rejected after successfully going through series of interviews and tests because of their health (an infringement on their right) or they were laid off after the company got to know about their status. Although it is advisable to take the legal option but finding a work from home job is best.

I wanted to restrict this article to just working online but I gave it a second thought after realizing that not everyone has full and consistent access to the internet so I’ll cover every legitimate job that will help you earn well. However, that is not to downplay the role of social media and internet in today’s business.

Below are ten work from home jobs


Safe to say that a blog is a tool that can help you develop an online presence, attract leads and engage an audience. It’s often a space where you can express your creativity, sell your product and build your company’s presence through texts, images and videos.

There are several ways to monetize a blog but the most popular among beginner bloggers is the google AdSense which pay bloggers to place an advert on their blog.

You can start a blog on anything. Whatever you create as content or product or service, there is an audience for it. An example of a blog is this one.

Content Creator

A content creator makes engaging and strategic contents to a specified audience. The content can be an article, an image or a video with specific goal. Companies and websites are on the lookout for content creators but if you are just starting out as one, you should be the one doing the look.

Content creators are creativity individuals and they attract a lot of pay as professionals.

Content/Copy Writer

Quite different from a content creator, if writing is your forte, then content writing might be for you. Try it out. A content writer creates text in different form might be as an ad, a joke, or a long article for companies and brands.

Graphic Designer

Are you skilled in Adobe photoshop, Adobe lightroom, Adobe illustrator, Corel draw or any other designing software? Then, start a graphics designing company from the comfort of your home. All you need is a laptop and whatever software you’re skilled in.

Start an online store

E-commerce is gradually taking over the marketing space and it is so easy to set up. Websites like amazon and eBay can help you sell anything online with little charges. You can also start your own website and install a store so that people can just buy directly from you.

All you need is an ecommerce website and internet.

Social Media Manager/ Strategist

The invention of social media has not only made life easier, but also created jobs for social media savvy persons. Brands, companies, and even websites are on the lookout for people who can come up with strategies that would help them grow on social media. If you love being on social media, then this job is for you. All you need is a phone, good internet and social media tools.

Youtuber / Vlogger

if you are not camera shy and you have great contents to deliver, then YouTube is the platform for you. Share your videos with the world preferably a particular type of audience and earn money through different means including adverts.

All you need for this is a good camera (you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to buy one, a good phone camera would record great videos), great content (anything sells on YouTube).

Web/App Developer

A web developer designs website for companies and brands using some specific tools and codes. There is huge demand for both web and app developer everywhere, since a website is needed to look professional for companies and brands. As a web/app developer, you need to learn how to code as it is the foundation of all websites.

Virtual assistant

If you still want an office job, then you can become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is employed to take care of schedules and handle whatever the employer wants but the only difference is that as a virtual assistant, you do all of your work from the comfort of your home.

What you need for this job depends on the employer.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencing has over the years turned into a full-time job. Although it takes time to become an influencer but once you’ve established yourself as one, the reward is worth the wait. Influencing involves marketing a product or service to your loyal followership. Big brands and companies look for social media influencers to collaborate with. Social media influencer is hot cake once established.

All you need is a phone, camera and the skill to instill trust to your followers.

Do you have any suggestion for a work from home job that you recommend? Or what do you think of the above work from home jobs? Drop your comments.

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