Stop focusing on sickle cell, focus on these instead


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My blog is gradually taking a new phase, I’ve been doing a lot of learning, planning and rebranding to take the blog to another level.

I’m moving towards teaching people living with sickle cell the importance of personal growth and how we can grow from where we are to where we want to be.

Let’s get back to what brought you here. Stop focusing on your ‘sickled’ cell. One of the biggest challenges of living with sickle cell is that it quickly makes you feel less human. You focus on getting better and put so much effort into finding a cure.

You forget that you are human and just like every other human, you have emotions, thoughts, interests. You have the wish to belong but you put all of that away because of sickle cell.

There was a time when all I saw was my ‘sickled’ cell but it was in terms of delayed growth and skinny body frame.

After few years it changed maybe I could give credit to some of the books I read. Just like me, you too can stop focusing on sickle cell.

Let me first say that it is normal to feel I did especially as a young person because it is part of life with a chronic illness.

Here’s how you can stop focusing on sickle cell

Take responsibility of your life

I can’t stop and won’t stop stating how important it is to responsibility of your life as someone living with sickle cell. Truly it is tough to live with an illness that is misunderstood by the public but it is rewarding to look past all that and take responsibility to live well with it.

When you don’t responsibility, you stand the risk of blaming others for your situation. You blame someone or something for things that happen to you.

Blame takes the control of your life away from you. You don’t have control over your life. Blame stops you from realizing that you have the power to move from where you are to what to be.

If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.

Brian Tracy

From one, I want you to take the driver’s seat of your life. Be the author of your life (well, after God). Create the future rather than wait for someone to help you.

One simple way to do that is to consciously repeat the word “I am responsible” anytime anything happens to you and yes, even though you are not totally responsible for it.

You are responsible for who are you, who you become, what you think, how you respond to pain and so on.

Understand that sickle cell does not define you

I like using the phrase “You are human before your illness”. Even though you live with sickle cell, it doesn’t define who you are.

We might find it difficult to distinguish ourselves from sickle cell because it is part of us. However, it is not us.

You have the right to define who you are. You should have dreams, aspirations, things you do for fun and for the love of it. Do not let sickle cell define your strength or things you can have or cannot have.

Redefine pain

Pain is synonymous with sickle cell and everyone experience it in different varieties and level. No matter how hard or subtle it hits, pain in pain.

Here’s what I believe about pain.

Pain is your greatest motivation. Pain is a sign that we need to relax and look out for our body and it is a chance to reconnect with our personal world.

Sometimes the pain hits too hard, perhaps you get admitted to the hospital, then it is an opportunity to start afresh.

Now that you know that you can stop focusing on sickle cell, here’s what to focus on instead.  

1. Mindset

Your mindset is really important. It helps you see the little opportunity in the greatest of hardships. Some wise men have divided mindset into two; fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Someone with a fixed mindset prefers to think that he cannot have or become something because of his health, lack of talent or skill. Hence, they do not see themselves as someone that can make a change.

Meanwhile, people with growth mindset do not let any of that affect them. They think, how can I have this rather than I cannot have it. They find ways to learn skills and appreciate the process of growing even though they do not have the ‘skill’.

And remember that there is no one way to getting somewhere in life, you can also creating your own path as long as it leads you to your destination (goal).

2. Values

Our values are reflected in our day to day actions. Sometimes we think we value something but in truth we actually do not because what we value, we give more importance.

You need to start focusing on what you value. The things you would rather do with your time.

Still on value but from another angle, let’s ask ourselves, how valuable are you? What values do you have to offer others?

Just so you know, money is no longer the reward for hard work, it is now the reward for value. The more value you offer, the more money you earn.

If you don’t think you have enough value to offer, don’t feel bad. It’s never too late to use your growth mindset; find a valuable skill to learn and don’t stop learning and growing.

3. Growth

This is the most important. You are in competition with no one but you, who you were yesterday. There is no need to compare yourself instead focus on growing, focus on becoming a better person and becoming the best at whatever you do.

Always seek ways to grow, unlearn old things and learn new things.


It is important to treat your health well but stop focusing on it so much that you forget other areas of your life. Understand yourself, get yourself together and focus on these things more.

Spend time to improve your mindset by reading books (there are other ways too), learn new skills and good values, be careful how you spend your time and don’t stop growing.

I hope this post helps you whether or not you live with sickle cell. And I have a freebie for you below, yes it is free to download.

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