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I see you!

That’s a friend’s favorite line. Don’t tell him I used it here though.

Anyways, let me welcome you to my blog. If you haven’t read about me, click here to read.

Through my posts, you probably have a little idea of what I write about already but if not, you are about to.

There is nothing as important to someone living with a chronic illness as living with less pain and guilt and getting on with life like normal people.

Yes, we are not normal people. We are special and extraordinary beings that survive what the average person would not survive, we live despite our challenges.

So, I created this lifestyle blog for people living with chronic illness. The goal is to remind them that ‘you are human before your illness.’

Here are some posts that’ll teach you more about me and my illness

Some posts that might help you with your chronic illness

Looking for inspirations? Here are some for you

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