Seven sickle cell and fitness common misconception


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Sickle cell and fitness common misconceptions are everywhere.

When I was younger, I hated sport. Whenever it was time for physical exercise at school, I sat in a class and watched other kids have fun. Running was a huge task and I hated it.

Now, I realized that those feelings were only as a result of fear that have been in me because I have sickle cell combined with not taking proper caution.

There are a lot of things I’ve heard concerning staying fit many of which are mere misconceptions of sickle cell and fitness.

Let me correct some of these misconceptions.

Sickle cell and fitness common misconceptions

1. Fitness is all about weight lifting


Well, truly fitness might involve lifting weight but you can avoid it if you want. Fitness is not just about the weight lifting, it involves the food you eat, your choices of exercise and the kind of lifestyle that you live.

2. Fitness is not for someone like me


Anyone can be and stay fit.

I have seen people living with sickle cell build needed muscles and stay fit. It all lies on your mindset and how determined you are to get what you want.

3. I would have crisis after exercising


Crisis is avoidable when you exercise.

Ways to exercise without having crisis includes hydrating properly before, during and after exercise, also take it slow. Always remember the saying consistency over intensity. Don’t rush into it, gradually walk your way to your fitness goal.

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4. Fitness is for someone that wants to build muscle


Fitness is for everyone. Body building might not be for everyone and it is different from staying fit. Everyone should be fit because it helps to keep your body active which in prevent some diseases.

5. I need to spend too much time in the gym


You don’t need to spend much time in the gym. Matter of fact, you can get and stay fitted at home. Fifteen to twenty minutes of daily exercise will keep you fit. Also, you can perform aerobics that doesn’t require you going to the gym like walking, jogging or swimming.

6. Exercise hurts and is really strenuous


Exercise can be fun and less strenuous

If you think exercise is just hitting the gym and lifting weights, you have to think again. Exercise can be as easy and fun as dancing or doing yoga as long as it engages your muscles and keeps you active.

7. People living with sickle cell cannot lift weight


People living with sickle cell disorder can lift weight.

Sometimes we set our own standards around what society thinks, we forget that these standards are made by humans and are meant to be broken. Lifting weight is possible, all it requires is starting small.

All of these all mere sickle cell and fitness common misconceptions that we have made ourselves although there are more common misconceptions.

It is important to speak to a doctor that is knowledgeable in exercise or better still a trainer or exercise specialist before doing vigorous exercises.

I want to know what you think about these misconceptions, drop your comment below. You can also read other sickle cell myths here.

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