Self acceptance as a tool for healing.


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If you are a reader of my blog (I love you) I’m sure you have seen self acceptance used couple of times here.

That’s because I am a huge advocate for self acceptance and I know I can help you accept yourself no matter what you think limits you.

I am a strong believer that self acceptance is the first step towards healing, thriving and living your best life despite your illness.

Growing up, I didn’t know what having sickle cell means, I did not even know what it was.

I did not like being recognized as one but some people recognized and ask me if I had sickle cell but I’d deny because I knew it was definitely something bad. It made uncomfortable too.

For over fifteen years, I remained in denial. Pushed the truth away and that caused me a lot mentally until I began to accept the fact that I live with sickle cell disorder.

Things got better. I started getting curious, to know about sickle cell and how to live with it.

I started to research people who had sickle cell disorder that I could admire and pick as role model (saw a few). My mind changed from I don’t have it to how can I live my best life with it.

But all of that only happened when I accepted that I had the disorder. Just like sickle cell, our illnesses could alter our appearance and make us feel bad about ourselves.

You begin to find excuse for your flaws, you become ashamed of your illness and your mental health becomes not so healthy.

Basic tips to self acceptance

Although self acceptance can take different forms to us, individually. Depending on what we face and struggle with.

But what is usually the very first step to accepting yourself is

  • Take time to note your flaws and strength.

Your flaws could be a physical like your appearance perhaps an unpleasant scar someone visible, your stature perhaps you are skinny like me, your voice.

Accept them because these things are part of you, they are part of who you are and you can only do little or nothing to change that.

And for your strength, be aware of them and celebrate them. Everyone has something they can really do better than the person sitting next to them.

It could be something people see as irrelevant as talking. Talking could be your strength. Find that strength of yours. You could make a list of all your strengths whether you believe it or not.

Then accept them, read them to yourself and you will realize that you will better about yourself.

If you can identify your weaknesses and strengths, you have made the basic and most important step towards self acceptance.

  • Use positive affirmations

The power of self affirmation is backed scientifically, you can read about that in this article by

Using beautiful words for yourself can be therapeutic and make you get more comfortable with yourself.

Some positive affirmations for you;

  • My appearance does not make me beautiful, my attitude and character does.
  • I’m myself and I don’t have to prove or explain that.
  • Yes, I am sick but I won’t let it stop me from living my best life.
  • I have many faults and I will work on correcting them without blaming or condemning others
  • I can itemize my weakness, flaws and disadvantage without judging or defining myself
  • Don’t have to prove myself to others.


To love yourself is to accept who you are, your faults, your achievements, your failures. All of it hook line and sinker.

And accepting yourself can only make you become a better person and I hope these tips will help you start seeing beyond your illness and believing in yourself.

  • Take time to note your flaws and strength.
  • Use positive affirmations

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