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Seven sickle cell warriors to follow on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media app and I follow and like anything that concerns health or sickle cell disorder. The more people I follow, the more I realized that I am not alone in this world and that even with sickle cell disorder, anything can be achieved. I have taken time out to compile …

Ease avascular necrosis pain
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Avascular necrosis pain; Ease pain with exercise

You’d agree with me that avascular necrosis pain is bone wrecking. As in, the deep bone pain that wakes you in the middle of the night, screaming discomfort and ache into your body. Avascular necrosis can affect joints in the body, joints like shoulder, knee, and hip. But the hip is mostly affected especially when …

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Is drinking water difficult for you? Try eating your water

Did the topic confuse you? Don’t fret dear. In this article you’ll learn how you can eat water. LOL. Water is essential for proper body functioning and metabolism. Everyone is advised to take water frequently but for people like me who live with the chronic illness called sickle cell disorder (learn more about me here). …

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Is sickle cell disorder a disability or not?

Our opinions on arguments that happen in our daily lives are just results of mostly our own personal experiences and partly that of others. When we discuss whether sickle cell is a disability or not, it is important to put faith aside and be more realistic. I have heard many people say sickle cell is …

4 types of exercise
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4 types of exercise and tips for sickle cell warriors.

The importance of exercise outweighs the risks it might pose to people living with sickle cell. Engaging regularly in exercises will not only keep you fit but also help your mind function properly. Since I began to exercise consistently two months ago, I have seen significant changes in my life especially my strength. Although exercising …

safe exercise
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Safe exercise for sickle cell warriors.

One thing I have recently found interest in is exercise, but mixing sickle cell disorder with exercise is quite tough. Sickle cell complications are unpredictable, this minute you are fine, the next you are just so weak and want to rest. Studies showed that majority of adults living with sickle cell disorder do not engage …

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Opioids medication: My ‘Tramadol’ experience.

Tramadol is an addictive opioid used to treat severe pain. Doctors prescribe tramadol for their patients living with sickle cell disorder, and like many others it has been prescribed for me. My first experience with Tramadol was in 2016 and I call it my ‘Tramadol’ experience. My Tramadol experience In 2016, I started feeling sharp …