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Opioids medication: My ‘Tramadol’ experience.

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Tramadol is an addictive opioid used to treat severe pain. Doctors prescribe tramadol for their patients living with sickle cell disorder, and like many others it has been prescribed for me.

My first experience with Tramadol was in 2016 and I call it my ‘Tramadol’ experience.

My Tramadol experience

In 2016, I started feeling sharp but brief pain in my hip especially when I was about to sit or stand and even bend to pick something. Then, paracetamol was enough but as bone degeneration progresses, the pain got worse. Pain was all over my thigh and nothing I did never involved pain. I visited an orthopedic who prescribed Tramadol for the pain.

Like every other pain killer, I used it after lunch that was about 3pm. Two hours later, pain didn’t stop, it seemed like there was no effect of Tramadol so I threw another one down my throat. In minutes, the ceiling began to slowly rotate and my eyes won’t even open fully. I felt light-headed as I tried to balance on the rotating floor. For about thirty minutes, I sat weakly on the couch staring at nothing. It remained that way until around 6pm when my intestine joined the struggle. It almost squeezed breath out of me, making feel like I was going to throw up but I didn’t. Water didn’t help, sleep wasn’t coming either. I was just looking wasted on the couch.

At about 8pm, I was still hoping for a miracle. My stomach still pulled every organ to discomfort. I finally got the courage to dip finger down my throat so somethings poured out and I was relived but not healed.

Fortunately, sleep came too and the next day I was healed. And that experience made me wonder why people that are not in pain would use a drug like that. Although I vowed not to use it again but I did and even until today whenever I use Tramadol, it never made me feel that way again.

Side effects of Tramadol

Have you had any awful experience with any opioid?

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