My 7 morning routines (my number 7 is a classified secret)


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Morning routines, to me are a must for everyone. And my morning routine is something sacred but I will share it with you.

Perhaps you have heard the name Tim Ferris. Tim is the author of tools of titans among others.

Anyways, I am currently reading his tools of titans. A book with so many lessons from successful men and women.

I noticed that every person interviewed in that book had one or two things they do every morning before starting the day. A morning routine.

So, I was inspired to start one and that has helped me a whole lot.

The 7 morning routines I created

1. Wake up early

To be honest, I am not an early riser. I struggle so much with getting up from bed.

Sometimes, it is fatigue and other times I just want to sleep more.

But because I understand myself, I set my alarm to 5 am. And worst of it all I get out of bed by 6 am.

So, waking up early for me is say 6 am.

2. Drink two cups of water

Water for me is a must even before I read Tim’s book.

After getting out of bed, I take two cups of water. Very beneficial. Try to do it everyday too.

And if you find it difficult drink water especially in the morning, read this post that teaches you other ways to get water into your body.

3. Pray (Solat)

I won’t leave out the God factor, although if I woke up earlier (there are days I get up by 4 am) I skip this part until I am done with every other routine.

Because I am a Muslim and performing solat has specific time.

4. Exercise

Oh, my favorite routine. My exercise takes between 20 – 30 minutes depending on how long I have before running late.

I have an exercise plan for my morning workout which includes about ten minutes of warm up and stretches.

Then upper body workout, biceps push ups, shoulder tap and planks.

Then to the lower body.

I love when I sweat doing exercise so sometime I just keep going per reps until I feel sweat dribbling down my back.

5. Meditate

Majority of the people Tim interviewed in his book mentioned meditation but I did not include it because they mentioned it.

Whenever I wake up early perhaps 4 am, I like to meditate first.

That way, I feel the silent air running into my nose and circulate. I appreciate that alone time without noise and everything is calm.

By the way, I do guided meditations using headspace.

6. Read/Watch something

Not just books though. I read anything that either motivates me or educate me. It could be a blog post like this one from Sam Laura Brown on personal development.

Or a motivational book like Tim Ferris’ Tools of titans.

Maybe even watching an educational YouTube video from Neil Patel channel.

7. Gargle with salt water

Here’s my top secret. I add salt into warm water and gargle.

How does that help?
  • Warm water and salt break down phlegm in the throat. Most of the times, I wake up feeling the need to clear my throat because I could feel discomfort. With warm water and salt, everything cleared.
  • Warm water and salt prevents sinus infection
  • Helps to ease sore throat

Read more benefits of a salt water gargle here.


Morning routines are great, they help me feel fulfilled throughout the day even from the morning.

But if you want to create a morning routine, you need to make it your own.

Add personal things that you will like to do every morning. Don’t try to do something because I or any other person do it.

Just create your own routine and stay fulfilled. For example, some people journal, some wash their face.

Do you have one morning routine that you use now? or you just want to create a new one. Shoot me a comment below.

Or send me a mail, I’ll love to hear from you.

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