Living with chronic illness – How to improve your health


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How do you improve your health despite living with chronic illness?

Usually chronic illnesses lasts a very long time, some for a lifetime and are mostly not curable.

When you know you have to live the rest of your life with an illness that causes pain and other worrisome complications, then you are left with living better with it.

You want to improve your health, become a better person and thrive with it.

Here’s ten ways to help you improve your health

Physical health

1. Use your medications religiously

Usually when you live with a chronic illness, there are like tons of pills to swallow daily to help you manage the illness.

Some of the medications might be for pain or just management.

I’ll tell you honestly, the difficult part is taking those medications. How do you remember to take them every morning.

I always struggle with that but one thing I know is that taking them regularly play a major role in managing my health.

2. Nutrition

Nutrition is really important to keep your body going. Somehow, our body system can be related to the common phrase used when I was taking computer classes Garbage in, Garbage out.

Whatever you eat will tell on your appearance. Like my friend Candyce said in my interview with her, turn food into medicine. Read the interview here.

Food can heal and I know certain foods that can reduce fatigue. Check them out here.

3. Exercise

Oh… my, exercising can be really tough with chronic illness but it is important for a better health.

You should explore different form of exercises that are available, make sure you have fun as you exercise.

I recently started some moves while lying down, so I don’t need to get up and I don’t need to stress my leg that’s affected by osteonecrosis.

4. Sleep

I know it might be difficult to find sleep yet it is important to have at least six hours of sleep.

Sleep could be hindered by pain, anxiety, wild thoughts, depression or reasons you are yet to discover.

There are more risks when you do not get enough sleep.

I wrote about Insomnia and ways to find sleep here. Let me know if any one helps.

5. No smoking or drinking

Smoking is bad for your health. I have heard about smoking medical marijuana and I think if it works for you, that’s fine. But luckily there are other ways to use medical marijuana other than smoking.

I am an advocate for water, so I will say instead of drinking alcohol. Take water, keep taking water.

Mental health

6. Learn about your illness

Try to understand everything about your illness, that way, you will be at peace with yourself.

Be up to date with your health, and understand what to avoid and to embrace. It improves your mental health and even your physical health.

7. Talk about your feelings

I understand that sometimes we do not want to bother people with problems of our illness, we feel like they do not need to know.

So many a times, we just stay and bottle every feelings and pain which is very bad.

Talking to someone, especially one you trust and will listen is really therapeutic and helps to improve your mental health.

8. Learn when to take breaks

Trust me, it is easy to get caught up in trying to catch up with the world or trying to prove to people how strong you are.

In as much as that is fine, it is also dangerous for your mental health. Learn when to pause to refresh your mind.

9. Lend a helping hand

Research shows that being helpful to others has a beneficial effect on you, and the way you feel about yourself.

Help someone whether they live with a chronic illness or not.

10. Do something you love

Don’t let your illness get the human part of you. Be fun and have fun.

Something you love might be as little as taking care of yourself and loving yourself.

If you need more ways to improve your mental health, check out this post by PsychologyToday


Chronic illnesses usually are not curable, or cure are readily not available to everyone.

The only option we are then left with is to learn how to manage ourselves so that we can live free of pain and normally as possible.

A lot of things can be done to manage and improve your health, but ten ways that can help you improve you health are;

  • Use your medications religiously
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • No smoking or alcohol
  • Learn about your illness
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Learn when to take breaks
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Do something you love.

I am certain these ten ways will help you improve your health. If you find this helpful, please share.

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