Book review: Kiss and Blog by Alyson Noel


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I recently picked the great Gatsby after a long anticipation. I have always seen it in almost every book that talks about writing. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish it as it was quite not what I thought. It was not so interesting.

Anyways to console myself, I picked up another fictional story even though I came across by accident, I was eager to read it because of its name.

Kiss and blog is a well written fictional story by Alyson Noel and yes, I was eager to read because of the title. The book tells the story of two teenage best friends. Winter and Sloane.

Both have been friends for over eight years, they attended the same high school and spent their freshman year ‘invisible’ to everyone.

It was their wish to get to the top of the social pyramid and become so popular in school and hangout with the classy girls and date the hottest guys.

So, they planned to ditch their nerdy lifestyle as soon as they resumed sophomore year by getting into the cheer-leading team.

They planned throughout the summer, changed their makeup and wardrobes. It was much easier for Sloane to change all of that because her mother who had divorced her father married a rich guy so basically it made her rich too.

Both girls made an oath that whoever got to the top first, would leave the door open for the other but when one of them got into the cheer-leading team (which is by the way their only way to get the top), she betrayed the trust of the ‘other’ by leaving her outside the door (literally).

Sloane forgot the oath and ditched Winter once she got to the top. Winter however realized the true character of Sloane, her best friend for eight years and luckily realized her own true potential and interests.

She was also lucky to find herself some true friends while Sloane spent time with fake friends and lived a fake life. Suddenly, she started showing interest in Winter again, trying to make friends again.

So back to why I love the book and the story.

The title

Although there wasn’t much details into the blogging industry like I expected but I wasn’t disappointed in fact the writer took my mind away from the fact that I picked the book because I saw blog in the title.

I was really immersed in the story as it developed but I was reminded again when Winter started a personal blog where she wrote about her daily life.

I had expected to see a popular blogger’s journey through life maybe a bad marriage or something but like I said earlier I wasn’t disappointed with how the story went as related to blogging.

The story

I mean, I couldn’t have related more with the story. I am in a phase right now where I moved to study another course in school. Everyone is new and we are all strangers to each other so there is that feeling to be among the ‘cool ones.’

I think everyone has had that feeling at one point especially in school. Winter and Sloane wanted to roll with the ‘cool ones’, date the hottest guy in school and be famous.

There is no way you won’t relate with this story like I did.

Some of the characters

I don’t think any of the characters in this book is badly written but I felt more love for some than the others.

I think my favorite would be Summer (yeah, Winter’s younger sister. Weird, right? Their mother actually intentionally named them after seasons.) Summer is a young smart girl that always got her older sister’s back. (Spoiler: she has a potential career as a fashion stylist)

There is nothing more fantastic than you reading Kiss and blog, if you haven’t. Trust me you would love it. I actually read it in two days because I couldn’t even put it down for a minute.

Kiss and blog is filled with surprises and readers would enjoy the progress of the story chapter after chapter. Check out kiss and blog on amazon

I’ll rate this book an 8/10 and I’m looking forward to reading another book by Alyson Noel. Have you read kiss and blog? Do you agree with my thoughts?

If you haven’t, go read it and come back to tell me what you think. Love this post? Take time to pin and share.

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