January 27, 2020

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Live like a model

I love to tell people living with any type of chronic illness to live like a super model. Do you know how models live? I’ll tell you but before then here’s a short story of how I decided on my current goals which is living a healthy life and building lean muscles.

Prior to 2016, I always wanted to become a model (I still want to). I really wanted to become a fashion and editorial model but I didn’t have the courage to pursue it. Then, I thought I wasn’t the perfect size for modelling but as I did more research, I realized there isn’t a particular size for modelling.

While doing my research, I learnt how to live like a model. Models treat their body with utmost respect, they worship their body no matter the size or shape.

You and I can emulate that and live like a model, join me on this life long journey to healthy living. And since healthy living has so much in it, I found the fitness part interesting.

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