How to gain weight healthily in four easy and effective steps.


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Being underweight poses as much harm as being overweight.

So, gaining weight is a major concern for people like me just as losing weight is for others. I have searched for information everywhere possible from the internet to e-books and more on how to gain weight but not just gain weight but gain weight healthily.

In this post, I’ve gathered every useful information I found in my own quest that’ll help you and I gain weight healthily.

Let us first ask ourselves.

Are you really underweight?

The first step towards gaining weight is to be sure if you are really underweight.

Like some people who are fat aren’t overweight, some of us are skinny but are not underweight.

To be considered underweight, your calculated BMI must be less than 18.5.

What is BMI and how is it calculated?

Body mass index (BMI) is measurement of the body size. It usually measured using your height, weight and age. Mine is 16.4, you can calculate yours here.

If you are anything below 18.5, then I officially welcome you to the league of people looking to gain weight healthily.

how to gain weight healthily

How to gain weight healthily

1. Eat more calories

The only reason you and I are underweight is because we lack enough calories, it is usually said that our body is calorie deficit.

Let me make it clearer with this analogy from one of my favorite Instagram users @Kruckifitness.

Imagine pouring water into an empty glass cup. As you keep pouring, eventually the water will spill over.

Now, see the glass as your body and the water as calories.

The excess water that spills, is extra calories which is stored as body fat and leads to weight gain. BOOM.

Very good analogy. Our body burns calories as we go on our daily activities so we need surplus of calories to be stored as fat.

2. Eat plenty of proteins

Healthline advised that if you want to gain weight, aim for 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

For instance, if your BMI is 16.4, that is 160 pounds (calculator) you need 0.7-1 gram of protein for every pound.

Our muscle is made up of protein and the more protein we consume, the more extra calories are turned into muscles.

3. Exercise

We can never undermine the power of exercise in a weight gain journey.

Matter of fact exercise is what helps us tone up and look healthy rather than looking overweight because of excess calories.

Whether you want to make the gym your home, or you prefer using your body weight at home like me, your muscles need to really get worked up.

Also, strength exercises are very much important. Lift heavy and aim to increase strength.

4. Sleep

Sleep is so important on this weight gain journey.

When you sleep, your body begins to recover from the exercises, begins to convert extra calories to fat.

And somehow, sleep is where the magic happens or better still proper rest.

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gain healthy weight and muscle
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Weight gain is a journey that requires dedication and most importantly consistency. Set smart weight gain goal and stick to it.

Also I would advice that you have a plan.

How to gain weight healthily

  • Eat more calories
  • Eat plenty of protein
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

Do you have any questions or thoughts concerning weight gain? Drop a comment below and I will hit you with appropriate answers.

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