How to effectively increase blog traffic for first year blogs


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The first year of blogging can really be a frustrating year especially when you create great contents but no one to read.

It has been proven that very few out of the millions that start a blog daily make it till the end of their first year.

In this post, I will show you how you can increase your blog traffic for first year blogs. I also use these tips that I am about to share and it has served me well.

Even though the big ‘boys’ in the blogging industry display their huge traffic and monthly pageview, they also started from zero like you and I, everyone does.

So, don’t feel bad. If you read on and do the things in this post, you will see massive change in your blog traffic for first year blogs

So let’s dive in

How to grow your blog traffic for first year blogs

How to effectively increase your blog traffic for first year blogs

1. Create valuable and evergreen contents

It all begins with your content. Content is king.

Always create contents that are valuable to your audience but not just valuable also evergreen.

You’ll find out that the evergreen contents get shared more because they never get old or outdated. They keep helping as much people as it gets.

An how to post tend to fit into the category of evergreen contents.

Another thing to consider when creating content is value. The more value you provide in a blog post, the more it get shared among your audience.

So, when next you’re creating a new content or editing old ones add enough values and work on the longevity.

2. Make sure your contents are optimized

Have you installed yoast SEO on your wordpress blog? If you haven’t read this post to learn how you would set up correctly.

Search engines can help drive traffic to a new blog. You need to take it serious and invest in making every valuable content you create optimized.

Yoast SEO is really easy to use and it gives you tips on how to optimize your posts. Strive to get the green light for your posts.

3. Share your post

You are not Neil Patel or Tim Ferris, those big guys in the industry. They have established their trust in their audience mind.

So when they post, they do not need to share their post (yet they do).

You and I are not as big yet we need to give our posts out.

When you publish a post, take time to share on every platform that your audience hang out on. Take advantage of social media.

4. Write compelling headlines

Many bloggers don’t understand the power of writing powerful headline, maybe you are one of them. Here is a statistics from Copyblogger.

According to Copyblogger, only 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your post.

In other words, a powerful, compelling headline will make a huge difference in that number. And a bad headline will bring destroy your the blog traffic you are trying to build.

5. Add social sharing buttons

It is important to have social media buttons on your blog. It could be at the end of your post or the side or anywhere on your blog as long as it is available.

I use the social pug plugin for my social sharing floating button. There are other plugins for you on wordpress.

6. Share old contents

Don’t forget your older posts. Share them again, some might need updating, do that and share.

You need to keep sharing your posts whether old or new to increase your traffic for first year blogs.

7. Ask your readers to share

I know you hate asking for help but if you don’t ask, you won’t get. Don’t assume your readers will share your post because it is valuable.

Remind them at the end of your post to share and you can also add some other call to actions like following you on social media.

8. Write guest post

This is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog traffic. You should leverage on other blogs in your niche and write posts for them.

Take time to look for big blogs in your niche and reach out to the author. Although some blogs do not accept guest post but many do accept guest post.

You can send them a mail telling them you wish to write for their blog.

9. Interview or do round up post

This is another fast way to not only get blog traffic but also quickly establish your brand and get it know early.

You should interview experts and influencers in your niche. Let them know you admire them and would like to feature them on your blog.

After the interview, politely ask them for a share.

You can also use round up post to drive massive traffic to your blog. An example of round post is here.

To create a roundup post that will skyrocket your blog, read this post.

10. Be consistent

Consistency will secure your success to getting a higher blog traffic. You might have the best content but if you don’t keep giving your audience valuable content, they will not come back to your blog.

Stay consistent in creating content, promoting them and following every other step in this post.


To increase your blog traffic is quite easier but only if you are ready to be put in the work and be consistent.

All of the the tips above will help increase you blog traffic for first year blogs and even older blogs. Keep creating valuable contents to your audience and keep them on your blog by giving them more.

Don’t forget to share and also ask them to share.

how to grow your blog traffic

Having said that, don’t forget to share this post.

And drop any question you have on blogging, I will answer them right there. If not, I’ll create a post to answer your question.

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