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Healthy lifestyle explained in fewer than a thousand character

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The term healthy lifestyle can pass as a cliché nowadays, you hear people like me advocate living a healthy lifestyle (which is a good thing) but what does it actually mean to live a healthy lifestyle?.

You would agree with me that a someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke or drink alcohol. Well, as much as that is correct, healthy lifestyle is way more than a smoking habit or drinking habit.

Let us define healthy lifestyle

Wikipedia defined a healthy lifestyle as one which helps and improve people’s health and well-being. The term well-being is the way more in healthy lifestyle. That, I referred to earlier.

It delves into your mental state, stress level, even your relationships too. I understand that a lifestyle is tough to change or adopt, yeah, that is why it is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle is not a destination, it is a way of life. It is something you do for as long as it serves you. It is a habit.

healthy lifestyle

Components of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is often associated with

Proper Diet

I’ll say a diet can only be proper depending on your health goals, for instance someone looking to lose weight will go on low carbs and someone hoping to gain weight will feed on a lot of healthy carbs. Depending on your health goal, a diet will be proper.

Having said that, every diet will definitely contain a bulk of proteins and vegetables. So, don’t hesitate to add them to your diet.

Physical Exercise

Exercise is really important for someone who wants to live healthy. Spending at least thirty minutes to keep your body and organs active can help you prevent some chronic diseases like heart attack.

And in today’s world where majority of us spend hours in one position perhaps sitting, it is important to regularly change positions to induce proper blood flow.

For every hour you spend sitting down, try to take a fifteen-minute walk around.

Stress Management

When you’re stressed, you are prone to certain physical and mental illnesses. Stress, fortunately can be managed in certain ways like meditating and taking time to relax, disconnect from the situation.

Positive attitude

What is a healthy lifestyle when you don’t have the right attitude towards life? Someone who lives a healthy lifestyle is not only free from disease but is also optimistic about life, and have a positive perspective towards everything.

You can build a positive attitude by reading, watching or listening to motivational materials.


A healthy lifestyle is the total wellness of a being. The wellness of his body and mind. Healthy foods, exercise, proper sleep among others take care of the body while things like reading, meditating takes care of the mind.

If you’re still wondering how to begin a healthy lifestyle. This is for you.

You know the saying, little drops of water make the ocean, combined with Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yeah, that’s how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and any habit.

The little continuous changes you make today and tomorrow, will become part of you in thirty days or less. Add a protein to your diet every morning, eat one more fruit every day.

I made a decision to improve people’s lifestyle whilst improving mine because I really need to live a healthy lifestyle.

There is nothing that can be compared to your health, take care of yourself.


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