Getting bored at home? Here are 15 fun things to do at home to stay sane


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Have you wondered how to kill boredom? or ever ran out of things to do at home when you are alone?

Living with an unpredictable illness like sickle cell can be so frustrating. This minute you are doing well, the next you find yourself so weak that you can’t get out of bed or in pain.

The only thing you can do is to cancel all outing and stay at home. But staying at home alone can be so boring.

I’ve been there, alone at home swimming in a pool of boredom. In fact, during this third quarter of 2019 I spent most of it at home because of sickle cell.

I have written 15 things that I do at home and maybe when next you find yourself at home, you would find one of these engaging enough.

15 fun things to do at home

1. Revisit your goals

I have a book only for my goals and dreams and I always try to revisit them whenever I’m alone at home.

It is easy to get lost in the struggles of life and forget to focus on your dream. Sometimes, you need time to bring yourself back on the track of your goals.

Next time you find yourself bored at home, revisit your goals. If you haven’t written your goals, write them down.

A written goal becomes a plan and back it up with actions.

2. Rearrange your wardrobe

When was the last time you checked your wardrobe? I’m sure there are some clothes you probably don’t need any more or some you’ve forgotten about.

You need to go check your wardrobe, rearrange your clothes and get out the ones you don’t need.

3. Clean the entire house

This might not sound like fun to you but at least if you’ve got energy to spare, then you should keep the house clean.

Cleaning the house would make you feel amazing at the end of the day and you can spice it up with some music.

It doesn’t have to be deep cleaning. Perhaps the dusty windows or just a little clearing of cobwebs will do.

Make sure not to stress yourself. Do what you can and leave the rest for another day.

4. Read your mails

Seeing number of unread mails can be really annoying especially if it is a lot, you have been piling them or ignoring them.

Now that you have the time, read all of it and also unsubscribe from newsletters that you don’t need anymore. Everyone has that newsletter they are tired of seeing.

5. Delete unwanted stuffs from your phone

I can’t count the number of saved pictures on my phone that I thought I would use but I never use. I’m sure you have pictures like that too. Delete them.

Take a trip around your phone, from your gallery to music library to file managers. Delete every document, pictures, music and everything you don’t need anymore.

You would even free up some space on your phone when you delete stuffs you no longer need.

6. Exercise

You don’t need to go the gym, you are at home and you’ve got home equipment that will help you stay active.

Although you don’t need to engage in strenuous exercises. Just walking round the house is fine or dancing or maybe skipping in the compound.

7. Cook a meal

When last did you decide to cook a meal out of just pleasure? Cooking can be fun especially when it is not because you are hungry or in a hurry.

Try a new recipe, read up food blogs and cook whatever meal you find appealing there.

And have fun as you cook and eat it.

8. Watch a movie

I love movies, I am a big movie and television shows fan. Maybe you are too, then being alone means movie time.

Whether on Netflix or on television, I’m in for movies.

Here are some interesting 2019 movies you I recommend for you; Joker, Good boys, The Lion King, Little.

9. Journal

Staying at home can also be time for you to get creative. I am gradually building my journaling habit.

Journaling is a great way to connect with the real you, your spirit. You can get out all your thoughts and ideas. It is important.

10. Scroll through your phone’s gallery

Now, you are not scrolling to delete unwanted stuffs here. You are scrolling to just refresh your mind with the pictures.

Watch the old videos again and stare at old pictures.

11. Take a walk

I always make my walking session late in the evening, you could do yours anytime.

Get your mind off everything and walk around your surrounding. And when you walk be mindful and observe everything as you walk.

things to do at home

12. Read a book

It’s been a while since you read a book. You now have time to read a book.

Grab a drink or fill a bowl with popcorn and submerge yourself in a another world, follow the author as they take your hands and show you a new world.

Some fictional stories I recommend are Five feet apart, To kill a mockingbird.

13. Listen to the radio

Are you bored and too lonely? You can switch on your radio, listen to the talents on radio.

Radios are great ways to feel alive even when everywhere is quiet and you are alone with your thoughts.

14. Read a blog

I love reading lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs. You can as well open a blog, if you love blogging.

Learn something new from a blog or from a YouTube video. Oh, I love the latter.

ideas for things to do at home

15. Sleep/Rest

While you are at home, it is important not to drain all your energy. Take rest, have a nap.

Sleep without thinking about what time it is or how many hours you slept.

Do you have more ideas for me? Please drop a comment below.

15 things to do at home to kill boredom


It can get boring to stay at home all alone by yourself. But if you need fresh ideas on what you can do when next you find yourself at home.

The above ideas will help you get through the day faster and you will have a more interesting and fulfilled day.

Anyways, I have summarized it below.

  • Revisit your goals
  • Rearrange your wardrobe
  • Clean the entire house
  • Read your mails
  • Delete unwanted stuffs from your phone
  • Exercise
  • Cook a meal
  • Watch a movie
  • Journal
  • Scroll through your gallery
  • Take a walk
  • Read a book
  • Listen to the radio
  • Blog
  • Sleep

Don’t forget to drop new ideas and subscribe for lifestyle tips and advice especially for people living with chronic illness.

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