January 27, 2020

Four things I’ve learnt since I began my fitness journey

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I’ve learnt quite a few things recently. Somehow, my love for taking care of myself and staying fit seem to be growing daily. Although it has been kind of challenging especially with sickle cell disorder.

In less than a year that I have decided on this journey, I have learnt quite a few things that I will like to share with you.

1. Fitness is a way of life

When I started, my goal was to build lean muscles (I’m the summer body kind) which isn’t bad but soon I learnt that fitness is not a destination.

I realized that building lean muscle was a vast goal, one that after achieving I might not know how to keep going but making fitness a way of life is a more healthy and precise goal.

Taking everyday and living as healthy and fit as possible are action steps towards achieving the latter.

2. Consistency over Intensity

A phrase that I read in Tim Ferris’ Tools of the titans, I so much love the book and I’ll recommend it for anyone and everyone. Consistency is the key to success.

It is not the intensity of the exercise that builds muscles, it is consistently working out your muscle. For instance, if you can do ten push-ups, don’t do it at once do five and be consistent with that five. Perhaps you can do five for three reps, that way you will get more work on your muscle.

Things i learnt on fitness journey.
Consistency over intensity.

3. To be fit is not to build muscles

To be fit and to build muscles are two different type of goals. If your goal is to build muscles, then the kind of exercises you’ll focus on is different from you just wanting to be fit.

 In fact, to be fit is a whole lifestyle, it involves you eating healthy foods and being active. Building muscles too involves eating healthy foods as well but here you focus on taking in more calories and proteins.

Bottomline, fit is a way of life, building muscle is a goal with specific steps.

4. I’m stronger than I thought

You don’t know if you’re capable of doing something if you do not try. It is difficult to exercise when you have sickle cell disorder but the fear that we get when we want to try something new is more difficult. I got that fear countless times before I took the step to begin exercising.

Strength comes from the mind. When I decided, I began to workout without fear and now I’m even stronger.

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To think that I’ve learnt a few things alone is enough for me keep going and I’ll definitely keep going.

If you’ve learnt anything new, please share with me. I’ll love to know what you learnt.

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