January 27, 2020
Five Ways to stay focused on achieving your goals

Five ways to stay focused on achieving your goals

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How do you feel when you set a goal and you achieved it? For me, I feel more confident and it sort of unlocks a new me each time.

Having a goal is easy, everybody should have one after all it takes just a pen and paper. But achieving your goal is where the gold is (see what I did there?). This is a topic that really matters to me and if you are someone like me who is short tempered when I set goals, I mean, I expect quick result whether it is a career goal or family goal.

If there isn’t any quick result, I quit. So, if that sounds like you too, then this topic should matter to you as well.

Below are five points that can help you stay focused on achieving your goals, in whatever aspect of your life.

Staying focused on achieving your goals

Break the goal into smaller actions

How do you eat an elephant? Little by little. If you’ve set a goal, break them into smaller actions and take small steps everyday towards that goal. That way, you’d do a lot without even knowing.

For example, if your goal is to write a novel. Start by determining the number of pages you want to write per week, then further think about how many words you can write in a day. See, that is much easier. Right?

Reward yourself

If you don’t celebrate and cherish your small victories, no one’s going to do that for you. A goal has been achieved? Take yourself on a treat, buy yourself something you’ve always craved.

When you reward yourself, it helps you look forward to achieving another goal which then result to another reward.

Keep the big picture in mind

Do you know anyone who has achieved the same goal you intend to achieve? How has their life turned out? Keep that picture in mind, it motivates you always get up because if someone else can do it then you can. Know what you’ll get after the goal and keep it in mind.

Motivate yourself

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

You need lots of motivation to keep moving. Feed yourself enough. Watch motivational videos, read motivational articles as they will help rejuvenate the dying fire in you.

If you live with sickle cell disorder like me then I stand with Zig Ziglar to recommend motivation to you because it is very easy to lose focus because of pain.

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Remind yourself why you want to achieve that goal

I think this should have been the first point, but anyways you ought to have a reason for your goals. Although sometimes I sit for hours trying to figure out the why and sometimes, I find one to attach other times I don’t. If you can’t seem to find a reason for your goal, it is normal and okay. However, finding and constantly reminding yourself keeps you focused.


Don’t be shy or scared to admit that the reason for your goal is to make money. People will take you not to make money your number one priority. Hello, nothing motivates me better than money and I’m proud of that.

How do you stay focused on achieving your goals? Any ideas?

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