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Is drinking water difficult for you? Try eating your water

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Did the topic confuse you? Don’t fret dear. In this article you’ll learn how you can eat water. LOL.

Water is essential for proper body functioning and metabolism. Everyone is advised to take water frequently but for people like me who live with the chronic illness called sickle cell disorder (learn more about me here).

Water is life, it is as important as the air we breathe. I’ve experienced the effect of drinking water but that’s a story for another time.

I once found drinking water very difficult especially the first thing in the morning type of water (drop a comment if you find it difficult too), and only took water when I’m dehydrated which is bad. So, I began to force myself every time to drink water and to stay hydrated. I succeeded after plenty of trails.

You might not succeed like me if you find it difficult to drink water too so instead of drinking it, try eating. Hydration is very important.

Eat your water

When I say eat your water, of course it is only a figurative expression. What I mean in reality is eat foods that contain lots of water to stay hydrated for long period.

Here are four foods that contains water include

Water melon

Water melon is a very healthy fruit to take to stay hydrated for long. It has about 92% of water content and consequently has relatively low calories. The high-water content makes water melon a great diet for weight loss as if fills and hydrates for long. In addition to the 92% water, it is rich in vitamin c and a.

water melon.  Foods that contain high water content

Include cucumber in your diet and you’re sure of consuming 96% of water. Low in calories and another weight loss food.


Contains 88% water and rich in vitamin c that helps boosts immune, the fiber and water in oranges keeps may promote fullness. Oranges are very rich and healthy with numerous number of health benefits.


Tomato is a very beneficial for our system as it has been linked to many health benefits. It has 94% water contents, great for keeping you hydrated for long period.

Others include;

Skim milk



Water is very beneficial to for people living with sickle cell disorder as it prevents sickling of the cell.

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