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Sharon B. Peter talks sickle cell, Adakveo and Oxbryta and more

On the interview section this week, Sharon Peter gave her time to talk and inspire us. Sharon lives with sickle cell disorder and she is an advocate with strong passion for sickle cell warriors. Read her response to our sickle cell questions Let’s start with a brief introduction. Tell us about you? Sharon: My name […]

What is the ‘Anemia’ in sickle cell anemia?

Anemia is a condition in which you have lack enough red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body tissues. Sickle cell anemia is usually used interchangeably with sickle cell disorder, but somehow sickle cell anemia is different. Here’s how? The body of every human is made up cells. The red blood cells are […]

Five lies you believed about sickle cell disorder

Sickle cell disorder is an inherited disorder that causes the red blood cell to misshapen and break down. An article on punchng has it that Nigeria has the highest number of people living with sickle cell disorder yet the awareness in Nigeria is so low. And the treatment and welfare of these warriors are neglected […]

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