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Healthy living is for everyone, including people living with sickle cell disorder. I will show you how to live a healthy lifestyle whether or not you live with the disorder.

Healthy living is a life which helps and improve people’s health and well-being. The term well-being is the way more in healthy lifestyle.

It delves into your mental state, stress level, even your relationships too. I understand that a lifestyle is tough to change or adopt, yeah, that is why it is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle is not a destination, it is a way of life. It is something you do for as long as it serves you. It is a habit.

Posts here are designed to give tips and advice to improve physical and emotional well being of everyone.

Healthy lifestyle explained in fewer than a thousand character

The term healthy lifestyle can pass as a cliché nowadays, you hear people like me advocate living a healthy lifestyle (which is a good thing) but what does it actually mean to live a healthy lifestyle?. You would agree with me that a someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke or drink alcohol. […]

4 types of exercise and tips for sickle cell warriors.

The importance of exercise outweighs the risks it might pose to people living with sickle cell. Engaging regularly in exercises will not only keep you fit but also help your mind function properly. Since I began to exercise consistently two months ago, I have seen significant changes in my life especially my strength. Although exercising […]

Opioids medication: My ‘Tramadol’ experience.

Tramadol is an addictive opioid used to treat severe pain. Doctors prescribe tramadol for their patients living with sickle cell disorder, and like many others it has been prescribed for me. My first experience with Tramadol was in 2016 and I call it my ‘Tramadol’ experience. My Tramadol experience In 2016, I started feeling sharp […]

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