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How to gain weight healthily in four easy and effective steps.

Being underweight poses as much harm as being overweight. So, gaining weight is a major concern for people like me just as losing weight is for others. I have searched for information everywhere possible from the internet to e-books and more on how to gain weight but not just gain weight but gain weight healthily. […]

Healthy lifestyle explained in fewer than a thousand character

The term healthy lifestyle can pass as a cliché nowadays, you hear people like me advocate living a healthy lifestyle (which is a good thing) but what does it actually mean to live a healthy lifestyle?. You would agree with me that a someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke or drink alcohol. […]

4 types of exercise and tips for sickle cell warriors.

The importance of exercise outweighs the risks it might pose to people living with sickle cell. Engaging regularly in exercises will not only keep you fit but also help your mind function properly. Since I began to exercise consistently two months ago, I have seen significant changes in my life especially my strength. Although exercising […]

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