January 27, 2020

About me

I live with a CHRONIC ILLNESS called SICKLE CELL DISORDER and Nigeria has the highest number of people living with this disorder in the world.

Why I started this blog?

In 2016, I gained admission into University to study a four year course. Unfortunately in my second year I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (osteonecrosis) of the left hip due to my chronic illness.

The pain in my hip was so much that I began to lose concentration in school. I could not study or concentrate in class, there was always pain either when I sit or stand. 

By my fourth year, my grade had really gone down and I was left with two options. To either withdraw from Uni or choose another course and start from second year.

As I didn’t want to lose my admission, I went for the latter which meant spending over eight months at home before resuming into the new course.

I didn’t want just stay at home. I decided to start a blog to share my life at home with sickle cell disorder.

To share with you things I learnt with chronic illness, the books I read and everything so I call my blog a lifestyle blog for people living with chronic illness like me. 

Get to know me

My name is Abayomi Afolayan and I own this blog.

I live with a chronic medical illness called sickle cell disorder.

Sickle cell disorder is a type of blood disorder that is inherited from one’s parent, so in other words, you are born with it.

It requires a proper management and for over twenty years, I have learnt and partly mastered (I’m still learning, it’s a life time thing) the art of taking care of my health and managing sickle cell disorder.

My health, rather than discourage me, it has always motivated me to keep going.

I am a writer, a fitness and health enthusiast, a sickle cell and chronic illness advocate and an aspiring model.

This is me when I had a photo-shoot for my aspiring modelling career (story for another day). I was also living with avascular necrosis.

In 2016, I was diagnosed of avascular necrosis of the hip, a complication of sickle cell disorder. 

Only those who have experienced it can actually feel the physical and emotional pain. The pain of not being able to walk well and the sleepless night and the inability to sit without feeling pain and even to bend and tie a shoelace.

Despite sickle cell and avascular necrosis, I still believe I can achieve whatever I want.

Need I say more?

I love everything fitness, health, fashion, music and i read a lot of lifestyle blogs

I’m big fan of music especially pop, you know the Bruno Mars type (had to put his name, I’m a huge fan). I love reading anything that motivates but if I’m not reading that then I’m reading a romantic fiction. And I’m in love with Instagram.


Now, I have introduced myself. Help me to know you, send me a message by CLICKING HERE. 


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