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Why I started Yomi’s blog


For most of my teenage years, I wanted to become a model not because of the fame (well, it is somewhat part of the reason) but because of the kind of lifestyle they live. 

But when I decided to pursue the modelling dream, I discovered something.

I discovered that I was underweight, weighing 52kg at 22 with a height of 178cm, that became a major concern.
I decided to change my lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle that will help me gain weight and muscle and achieve my modelling dream.
I started this blog to share my fitness and body building journey perhaps I could inspire you start a fitness journey too. 
I will show you how you can improve your healthy lifestyle and stay fit. And also how you can gain weight from experts and also personal daily journey.

Let’s talk about me, Who is Abayomi?

Let me ask you, When you hear sickle cell, what comes to your mind? Pain? Sick? maybe Death? I am here to change that. I want people to hear sickle cell and think a dreamer, a goal getter perhaps a warrior who doesn’t give up no matter what the battle brings.

Who is Abayomi?

My name is Abayomi Afolayan and I own this blog.

I live with a chronic medical illness called sickle cell disorder.

Sickle cell disorder is a type of blood disorder that is inherited from one’s parent, so in other words, you are born with it.

It requires a proper management and for over twenty years, I have learnt and partly mastered (I’m still learning, it’s a life time thing) the art of taking care of my health and managing sickle cell disorder.

My health, rather than discourage me, it has always motivated me to keep going.

I am a fitness and health enthusiast, a writer (I love writing especially fiction but I write other topics too) and I am on a life long journey to fitness


This is me when I had a photo-shoot for my aspiring modelling career (story for another day). I was also living with avascular necrosis.

In 2016, I was diagnosed of avascular necrosis of the hip, a complication of sickle cell disorder. 

Only those who have experienced it can actually feel the physical and emotional pain. The pain of not being able to walk well and the sleepless night and the inability to sit without feeling pain and even to bend and tie a shoelace.

Despite sickle cell and avascular necrosis, I still believe I can achieve whatever I want which includes my fitness goal.

Need I say more?

I love everything fitness, health, fashion and generally lifestyle and currently I am on a weight and muscle gain journey which I share with you. 

I am also a sickle cell advocate wellness and a student  plus I’m still adding more to the few listed.

Oh, have I told you?

I’m big fan of music especially pop, you know the Bruno Mars type (had to put his name, I’m a huge fan). I love reading anything that motivates but if I’m not reading that then I’m reading a romantic fiction. And I’m in love with instagram

This is for you

Whether you live with sickle cell disorder or not, your health is important. What you eat and what you feed your mind combine to form you.

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live. - Jim Rohn

Now, I have introduced myself. Help me to know you, send me a message using any of these social platforms. 

My life is one that I want to live to inspire someone. You can connect with me below.




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