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What better way to begin the year than an introductory post? Something to help you know me better and know you better.

I have always wanted to write this post but waited for the right time which is now.

Before telling you about me, let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope 2020 bring you joy, nothing but joy.

Things you don't know about me. Afolayan Azeez Abayomi

Here are some things you don’t know about me


My full name is actually Azeez Abayomi Afolayan. I grew up using Azeez as my first name, everyone that knew me as a boy and teenager call me Azeez even up till now.

So, if you address me as Abayomi, you probably knew me after I decided to start introducing myself as Abayomi. LOL.

I know what you’re thinking, why did I change it, right? I’ll tell you.

On several occasions people spoke the Hausa language, some Fulani language to me thinking I hailed from the Northern part because of my look.

I’ve been told I look like someone from the North and using Azeez even made it more believable.

No offense to people from the Northern though but having someone speak a language that you do not understand sometimes annoys.

I had to start introducing myself as Abayomi which sounds more south western which is where I am from.


When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. A decision influenced by my family members. When I grew older, I realized that science wasn’t my forte.

I was no longer interested in science in fact I love anything that involved creativity.

things you don't know
Matriculation day


I love showbiz. Anything that involves show business, I’m talking fashion, music, movies, presenting anything that involves the show.


I love dancing and listening music. Even though my dance steps are not there yet dance gives me joy.

Let me add that I am just a bathroom singer.


I am a big fan of romance even though no one has ever loved me romantically. I never say no to a romantic movie especially those black Hollywood movies.


Speaking of movies, I would love to become a movie star. The ultimate goal actually is to star in a Hollywood blockbuster. I can’t pick a favorite actor whether from Nollywood or Hollywood because I have a lot.

But if I were to star in a movie with any, I’ll go for Kevin Hart or Taraji .P. Henson or Tiffany Haddish.


I am not a fan of any sport although I watch a little bit of football and basketball but you won’t catch me talking about it.


For a bathroom singer like me, I can only admire people with voices that can move a dead man like Beyonce. I love Bruno Mars too. Also a fan of Nigerian hip hop artistes and some alternative artistes.


I like reading whether fiction or nonfiction. Although lately I’ve been reading more self-improvement books.

I have been writing a book since about four years ago although I finished one but left it on my laptop. The new one I’m writing I hope to publish it this year.


I love reading works from Nigerian authors. I love children of blood and bones by Tomi Adeyemi, Purple hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie.


My hair is my selling point. When next you see me, check it out yourself. I am so obsessed with taking care of it.


My number one fear in life is failure and rejection. I always try to avoid rejection (maybe that’s a bad thing).


Instagram is my favorite social media platform because of the beautiful photos and it is easier to connect with pictures than text.

Also I get to see many celebrities. Follow me on Instagram.


Some notable sayings I live my life by are “anything is possible”, i believe it so I do things I want to do while inspiring people. and “You are human before your illness” a saying I coined myself.


I don’t have a bucket list

Bonus: I am a Adobe Photoshop guru. Don’t doubt me. LOL.

These are just few things you don’t know about me and while I am still evolving and trying to know myself better, you can count on these. Let’s begin the year together on an introductory level.

I want to know my readers. Tell me two things about you in the comments.

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