12 habits to develop for every sickle cell warriors


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To improve your health and life is not a matter of big gestures. It is more of putting in everyday actions that turn into habits.

Habits become a lifestyle and automatically improve your life. Sometimes, sickle cell as well as other chronic illnesses can make you feel down and unmotivated. This year, I am making an intentional approach not only towards healing but also towards staying motivated and smashing my goals.

If you are ready to make such approach too, I have made this put to help you with habits to develop. The habits to develop in this post will help you improve your life in almost all areas.

It is Maxwell Maltz who said, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. You have to be more patient with yourself when you want to develop a habit. Sickle cell is one illness that is unpredictable.

So let’s keep going,

habits to develop for sickle cell

Twelve habits to develop for sickle cell warriors

1. Water is your friend

You’re probably tired of hearing drink more water by now but I am not tired of saying it. You might think you are taking enough water but in reality you are not. In reality, you are too focused on work or too lazy to go get water or too in pain to think about water.

I urge you to embrace water and remind yourself to drink plenty of it. See water as a friend, a friend that you cannot get enough of.

2. Positive mindset pays more

Having a positive mindset towards life is important when you live with sickle cell that is full of negativity in the society.

To have a positive mindset might mean

  • Believing that sickle cell is not a death sentence
  • You know that your dreams can only be delayed and not stopped
  • Having hope even in the greatest despair, pain or complication
  • Affirming positively to yourself every morning

When you begin to keep a positive mindset, you will start to see more opportunities rather than challenges.

3. Nutrition is important

We are what we eat, right? It is important to build an habit of eating healthy. You can start with a healthy breakfast a day and gradually turn it into a lifestyle.

Aim for greens and plenty of fruits. You should also eat foods rich in folate. I wrote some examples of foods that contain folate here.

4. Saying NO is a life saver

Save your life by learning how to say NO and say it with confidence. Don’t try to say NO when you are still feeling guilty. I like to say that Life has only two choice YES or NO, there is no maybe or I’m not sure.

Be confident with NO. Some things you need to start saying NO to

  • Things that remind you of a hurtful past memory
  • People that make you feel inferior
  • People that does not add you live
  • Things you like doing but you puts you in pain
  • Things that does not add value to your growth
5. Put yourself first

Nobody deserves that care or love than you. Develop the habit of putting yourself first and give that self love to you.

6. Gratitude always

Gratitude helps you remember the what you have and that way, you remain at peace. You can get a gratitude jar and write a thing every day that you are grateful.

It is a very good habit to develop.

7. Stop Blaming/Questioning yourself

It is not your fault that you have sickle cell so why blame yourself? You wouldn’t choose it if given the chance to choose. Why blame yourself?

Stop the habit of blaming yourself especially for things that are out of your control. It shifts your mindset from focusing on the challenge to seeking solution.

8. Get yourself a quiet time

If you haven’t been doing this, it is important you seek out time even if it is two hours a week to sit alone quietly. Try not think about anything but you will probably think about something so just let it come and go.

If you wish you might turn it into meditation or you might just sit and stare at nature. This habit actually helps you reconnect to your soul.

9. Smile won’t kill

Learn to smile more. In fact, research has shown that faking a smile is as effective in exercising your facial muscles and sending happy notes to your brain as a real smile.

Whether real or fake, a smile can improve your mood and ease your stress. So when there no reason to smile, you can fake a smile like I just did.

10 Personal hygiene is important

Another important habit to develop. If you do not know, sickle cell reduces your immunity. That means you have a lower immunity and are more prone to infections and viruses.

Take care of your body, your environment and everything that concerns you. Even if you do not live sickle cell, this is a habit you should develop too.

habits to develop
11. Stop!… Stop smoking

Smoking is a very unhealthy habit and you need to develop the habit of not smoking. I would have added alcohol but some people have argued that throwing down a cup of wine once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Well, it truly doesn’t hurt but it causes dehydration and consequently can cause crisis. However for the purpose of passing valuable information, I would say stop the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol.

Develop a habit of zero smoking (except medically recommended) and zero alcohol.

12. Exercise

I’m an advocate for exercise for warriors now and always. Staying inactive does more harm to the body than good.

So, don’t just sit or lounge all day. Engage in physical activities, take a thousand steps, use the stairs rather than elevator, enroll in a gym.


Habits are things we do everyday that pretty much sums up our lifestyle. I think it is right to say that whatever kind of life you want can be created now through habits you develop now.

I hope these habits help improve your life in every aspect of life especially your health and if it does, please do share using the social media buttons by the side screen.

Don’t forget to drop a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on these habits. If you have any other habit you think would benefit others, tell me in the comment section.

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