12 habits to develop for every sickle cell warriors

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a commission when you purchase from the links at no additional cost to you. To improve your health and life is not a matter of big gestures. It is more of putting in everyday actions that turn into habits. Habits become a lifestyle and automatically improve your life. […]

Ten tips to help students with chronic illness survive university

No one can deny the fact that university is a whole new adventure. It is like the stage between your teenage self and becoming an adult. You have a glimpse of what it is like to be free, to have that freedom you have always craved since secondary school. The freedom might feel like something […]

Sharon B. Peter talks sickle cell, Adakveo and Oxbryta and more

On the interview section this week, Sharon Peter gave her time to talk and inspire us. Sharon lives with sickle cell disorder and she is an advocate with strong passion for sickle cell warriors. Read her response to our sickle cell questions Let’s start with a brief introduction. Tell us about you? Sharon: My name […]

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